Hafnir Stouthammer

Lvl 2 Battle Cleric of Moradin


Clad in scale armor, with a large two-handed maul he wields with ease. He is hale, wise, and while slow of thought, is not dim. He is single-minded to a fault, but merciful and full of mirth even in dark times.


Hafnir Stouthammer is a descendant of the original defenders of Dwarvendarrow, commonly known as Settlestone. The Stouthammers are a small family that owes allegiance to clan Battlehammer. When the lords of Mithril Hall abandoned Dwarvendarrow, the Stouthammers remained behind, unwilling to forsake their duty. Over time, the family lost its way, joining the barbarian tribes of the North. They returned with Berkthgar and his people and learned of the shame their ancestors had brought upon their family ages before. In order to atone, the Stouthammers pledge one child of every generation to the service of Moradin.

Hafnir and his twin brother Freyar were born after the Thunder Blessing. Being the child born first, Hafnir was given to the Sonnlinor Order. He is tall for a dwarf, with an average complexion, brown hair, and grey eyes. His bear is well groomed and split into two braids. He wears few vestments of his order, preferring to dress in the tribal clothing of his family when not in battle armor. The only mark of his devotion lies in the symbol of Moradin worn around his neck at all times. Hafnir takes things seriously, sometimes too seriously. He also sees battle as the perfect expression of his faith. Accordingly, dressing for battle is a ritual where he communes with his armor and weapon, preparing himself to become one with them. He despises injustice, and his tribal lineage can be felt in the rage that bursts from him at the sight of slavery, its perfect expression.

He was recently given leave to travel to Baldur’s Gate to join the Temple of Moradin there, when he was ordered to investigate a resurgent cult of Bane in a joint venture with the Church of Torm. He is required to tithe 25% of his findings to the Sonnlinor Order.

Hafnir Stouthammer

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