Ves - Changeling Rogue




Ves was raised by his mother in Neverwinter and he was not allowed to leave the house until his changeling powers fully developed. Once Ves was able to pull off his transformation his mother told him to live with the people of Neverwinter during the day to improve his ability to blend in. While walking the streets disguised as a human child was approached by a gang of kids about his age. Ves felt responsible for the safety of his new friends while spending time with them, but he never told them who he really was. Eventually one of the kids, Leofyr, figured it out, but kept his secret for him.

Ves was never really able to control his anger and had a bad temper since he was born. One day when a group of men came to demolish the abandoned house his friends were living in. Ves lost control and ended up killing three of them men. Ves’ mother knew that he needed help controlling his anger so she took him outside of Neverwinter for training. She knew that if she couldn’t improve his temper, she could at least teach him to never get caught. Ves’ friends, Leofyr, Chant, and Fendrel joined their friend and they have worked as a team ever since.

Leofyr left Neverwinter to find work but no one else came with him. Ves’ guilt eventually caught up to him and he decided he would head out in search of his friend.


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